Trams Back Office
ClientBase Windows
Update Files

Trams Back Office Version 4.10.00
Released 5/05/2021

ClientBase Windows Version 4.10.00
Released 2/17/2021
Database Version 117.5


Click here for Trams Back Office v4.10.00 Release Notes.
Click here for ClientBase Windows v4.10.00 Release Notes.

Click here to update TramsAppServer.

If you are running Trams Back Office or ClientBase Windows 4.00.XX or earlier, follow the instructions below.
If you need assistance upgrading please email 
Trams.techdesk@sabre.com to schedule an appointment.


* Note: Be sure all users are logged out of both Trams Back Office and ClientBase and disconnect any third party applications that might be connected to the database such as a Scheduled Task, iZento, Grasp or any other non-Trams utilities that access the Trams database, as these third party utilities may disrupt the successful completion of the database update.

Click here for more instructions if utilizing Terminal Services or Citrix.

Step One: Download and save the setup.exe file using the link below (use Save instead of Run when downloading the file).

Step Two: Disable the Sync Scheduled Task. If your agency is syncing, disable the Sync Scheduled Task (directions here).

Step Three: Run the Backup Utility. Please review the release notes and perform a backup before doing any kind of upgrade. To back up your database, go to Programs|TRAMS|TRAMS Backup Restore.

Step Four: Run the setup.exe below on the Server. Be sure everyone is logged out of the ClientBase and Trams Back Office Programs! Ensure ClientBase and Trams Back Office are checked to install the ClientBase Windows and Trams Back Office setup.

Below is the setup file for the 4.09.00 versions of Trams Back Office and ClientBase for Windows.

ClientBase Windows and Trams Back Office 4.09.00 – ALL COUNTRY VERSIONS:
Name: setup.exe
Size: 131MB
Date: 8/19/20

Step Five: Enable the Sync Scheduled Task. If your agency is syncing, enable the Sync Scheduled Task (directions here).

Step Six: Run the ClientBase Windows and Trams Back Office update file on any workstation using the program/s.Make sure to UNCHECK the box that says “Run the Database Update Utility to update your database” if prompted.

* Note: If the upgrade requests a reboot, please do so.

Please contact Support at Trams.techdesk@sabre.com or dial 310-641-8726 with any issues that you may run into.