Terms & Conditions

Please accept this document as our authorization to provide access to my consortium (as designated above) to the copy of the database maintained on our behalf by Sabre Inc. under the above referenced Agreement, including all profile and other customer information contained in such database (the “Agency Data”). My consortium is not authorized to have access to the passport number, date of birth and complete credit card number of travelers maintained on our behalf by Sabre Inc. for purposes of this agreement.

This document shall also confirm our full and complete release of Sabre Inc. and my consortium from any and all liability arising out of or in any way connected to Sabre Inc. providing a copy of the Agency Data to my consortium, and our agreement to indemnify and hold Sabre and my consortium harmless from any third party claims arising from the release of the Agency Data as directed herein.

The individual completing this document hereby represents and warrants they have authority to do so, binding the Agency thereby.