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Personalize your email greetings to your clients and prospects. Every time, every dayAutomatically. 

Send 100% personalized emails to your clients

Fully branded as your agency and signed by individual agents, TouchBase delivers personalized and professional messages showing your clients they are important to you.

Never forget a birthday- and more!

Customized emails sent on birthdays & anniversaries, as well as Bon voyage, welcome home emails and major holidays!

Advanced Greeting Cards

TouchBase leverages your customer data to automate emails that are more personal and relevant to them. Keep in touch with your customers without spending hours on repetitive emailing tasks

Get started with automated, personalized email greetings

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Want to see some sample greetings? 

Holiday emails: 

New Years, Valentine’s Day, Memorial Day 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving,  Happy Holidays/Merry Christmas