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Live Connect Tech Updates

Apple Vacations – Now Available through Vax
All About Tours – No Longer a Provider 2/1/2022
American Express Vacations – Uses Travel Impressions Booking Engine (VAX)

Auto Europe – No Longer a Provider 2/1/2022


September 24, 2019
An issue was discovered recently where cancelled services are still importing as Service Providers
into the ClientBase Reservation. At this time, they are unable to address the issue, so you will need to
delete any unnecessary Service Providers after the Reservation details are imported.

Classic Vacations – Warning Message 12/14/2021

Classic Vacations website is no longer supporting browsers using lower security than TLS 1.2. The upper portion of the page will show a message with a blue background that explains this, and it is only a warning. Below, if a booking is successfully retrieved, the usual “DexReservationViewer” text will show, along with the Booking number below it. You may then import. Classic is also very good at giving a clear error message if the booking number is wrong or if the username, password or account number are incorrect.  

Chubb Travel Protection – 10/4/2021 New URL:

Chubb Travel Protection has updated their production URL to the following:

In ClientBase for Windows, go to Utilities, Live Connect Providers. You can select and modify the entry for CHUBB there.

If you have ClientBase Online only, go to the Tools icon in the upper right, then Settings. Find Live Connect Providers and click the link. You can select and modify the entry for CHUBB there.

New Feature:

You can now import an insurance quote, and use Retrieve Reservation to reconnect and complete a booking.
Check your CBW/CBO Help file to update the URL for Chubb as well.

Ensemble Navigate – To be replaced by Ensemble OneConnect, 2/1/2022

Although Ensemble Navigate is no longer a working provider, we are in the process of testing it’s replacement, Ensemble OneConnect.

Globus – Issues with import process, 7/14/2021

Users are not being logged in when connecting from CB, and not being taken to their bookings directly as usual. They’re also getting a large number of script errors.

For the time being, the work around that should allow an import, ignoring any error pages that Globus might show in between and clearing quite a few script errors between EACH step:
-Once the site loads, and likely shows an error, click on the first upper left logo.
-Choose the option to log in.
-Log in using Globus credentials.
-Click Manage Bookings at the top.
-Enter booking number and retrieve.
-You should then receive the familiar prompt that it is ready for import, click okay.
-Clear any final script errors and click Import Reservation.

Again, there may be several script errors in between EACH of those steps. Globus is working on correcting the issue.

GoGo Vacations – New Booking Engine, Issues Importing 10/13/2021

GoGo Vacations does not have a new URL but implemented a new Booking Engine called Helio. This requires users to setup a new Login/Password on their website and updating the login information that is stored in ClientBase.

The main things you need to confirm are:

1. You’ve setup/created a new login for their new booking system. It cannot be the same as your old one.

2. You’ve gone into ClientBase, My Login settings, and replaced the login you have saved for GoGo with the new credentials.

3. You are only trying to import bookings from the new booking system. You will be unable to import any bookings from the previous booking engine.

4. You may also need to clear your temporary internet files, particularly your Cookies where sites will store/remember your login.

If the above does not work, you should contact your GoGo agent next. If they are unable to resolve the issue, please reach out to us, and we can work with GoGo further.

ID Travel Group – New Provider

ID Travel Group in now a Live Connect Provider.
Provider Name: ID Travel Group.
Travel Category: Tour
Import XML from: HTML Source
• For ClientBase Windows setup instructions, click here.
• For ClientBase Online setup instructions, click here.

Polar Online – Currently down | July 20, 2020.

JULY 20, 2020
After a recent change to their website, Polar Online is launching a new window after logging in
which prohibits the Live Connect process from continuing. We have reached out to Polar Online to
correct the issue.

SEPT E MB E R 23, 2016
In ClientBase versions 4.0.00 and higher Polar Online is not working when using Live Connect from
the Res Card screen that uses the new multi-tab Live Connect feature. In ClientBase for Windows,
add a new Res Card, input Princess Cruise Line as the vendor and use the Live Connect button near
the top of the window. For ClientBase Online, make sure to include the Vendor Name before
selecting Polar as the provider. Travel Group in now a Live Connect Provider.

Project Expedition – 10/15/2021 New Live Connect Provider!

We are glad to announce a new Live Connect Provider, Project Expedition! Setup instructions for ClientBase for Windows can be found here in the help file:

   CBW Help

For Agencies with ClientBase Online only:

   CBO Help

Regent Seven Seas – 5/1/2021 Currently Down

Sabre Cruises – 04/05/2022 Issue with Current Release of CBW

April 5, 2022

There is an issue launching Sabre Cruises in the 4/5/2022 release of ClientBase for Windows version where when launching Sabre Cruises only a blank screen is seen. This has been reported to our development team to be addressed. If necessary, you can roll back to the previous version of ClientBase for Windows following the instructions here: Rolling Back to a Previous Version.

February 19, 2020
It has come to our attention that Sabre Cruises users with a login of 4 digits and starting with
a leading 0 have stopped working.
For users whose login begins with a 0, they now need to drop the leading 0 and only use the
last 3 digits. I.E. if their login was 0123, they now need to just use 123.
• Keep in mind they will still need to use the 0 for signing into Sabre Red/Sabre Red 360.

February 20, 2019
There is currently an issue with Sabre Cruises and bookings that include an On-Board ship
credit. We should be receiving both the credit and an offset entry to make sure that the sale
amount is correct. At this time, a positive entry is imported, but we are not receiving a
negative offset. If you experience this issue, you will need to enter the Itemized pricing of the
reservation and update it accordingly.

Red Text Error Message when looking up a Booking – Ongoing Issue
Sabre has to work with each Cruise Line’s own API to retrieve information on any Cruise booking. Occasionally, an agent will attempt to look up a booking and a box will appear above the query options with red text stating an issue with being able to retrieve the booking details, sometimes siting a specific reason. These issues are unfortunately out of our hands, and entirely between Sabre Cruises and the Cruise Line in particular. You’d receive the same message outside of a Live Connect process directly at the Sabre Cruises website. We advise that you contact Sabre Cruises with the message you’re receiving, without mentioning Live Connect so they are not confused, and ask if there is any way they can resolve it.

Signature HotelConnection 2.0 – New URL

August 12, 2019
Signature has updated their Hotel booking site and is now called Signature HotelConnection 2.0. We
have updated our help files with the new URL.
For ClientBase Windows setup instructions, click here.
For ClientBase Online setup instructions, click here.

Travefy – 01/22/2019

January 22, 2019
There is currently an issue with ClientBase when sending certain details through our Live Connect
feature to Travefy. In particular, certain characters in the Itin/Invoice Remarks area are causing an
error when trying to connect to Travefy. We know for certain that bullet points, if copied and pasted
into ClientBase from another source, will cause this issue. We’re working on a fix so that any remarks
will carry over. The work around for now, is to review what you have in the Remarks tabs, and
remove any bullet points or other special characters.

Travel2/Islands in the Sun/Quantas Vacations – 07/12/2021 Currently Down

July 12, 2021
Travel2/Islands in the Sun/Quantas Vacations is taking users to a “Navigation to the webpage was canceled” screen and is currently down. No ETA at this time for when they will be up again.

Travel Bound – Replaced by Bedsonline | Updated 03/26/2019

March 26, 2019
Travelbound is now integrated with Bedsonline.
Please refer to the following links for setup:
For ClientBase Windows setup instructions, click here.
For ClientBase Online setup instructions, click here.

Travel Guard EzTips – 01/10/2022

Travel Guard EzTips is incompatible with the newest release of ClientBase for Windows version 4.13. We are working with Travel Guard on a new standard Live Connect which should work on any CBW version. You can either enter your insurance reservation manually, or may roll your CBW version back to 4.12.


Travel Impressions – Now Available through Vax


Travelex Insurance Services – New URL:
(Replace “www” with “liveconnect”)


TravelSafe Vacation Insurance – No longer a Live Connect Provider


VAX Vacation Access – Updated July 20, 2020.

July 20th, 2020
A small amount of Windows 10 users have experienced a hard crash of ClientBase for
Windows after importing reservations from VAX. At this time, we are unable to determine the
cause of the issue. Please attempt to use another PC to complete your imports from VAX if
this occurs.

June 20th, 201 9
It was discovered that VAX Vacation Access was sending both Insurance and Transportation type
Service Providers as Miscellaneous to ClientBase. After working with them, the issue is addressed,
and those provider types should now import correctly.

Additionally, Apple Vacations and Travel Impressions are now available to be booked and imported
via Live Connect. Their Vendor codes are APV and TIV, respectively.

Walt Disney Travel Company – Formerly Walt Disney Parks and Resorts

June 6th, 2021No longer a Live Connect Provider


WorldAgent Direct – is now Delta Vacations.

February 22, 2018
WorldAgent Direct has changed their name to Delta Vacations. This change does not have a great impact on Agencies as
the name entered for a provider is simply for reference. The URL for their site remains unchanged.

  1. If you’d like to change the Provider name entry, go to Utilities | Live Connect Providers.
  2. Modify WorldAgent Direct and simply update the name.

For agencies with only ClientBase Online:

  1. Go to the Tools icon at the upper right and choose Settings.
  2. On the next screen, click the Live Connect Providers link, and modify the entry for WorldAgent Direct there