Frequently Asked Questions

Tres Technologies acquires Trams from Sabre.

Sabre/ Trams realized the benefits of the new technology and agreed migration on a time frame chosen by users made sense for all involved. Sabre and Tres entered an agreement for Tres to take ownership and operations of Trams effective April 1, 2021.

No, there are no plans to change the monthly or annual costs of your subscription.

Over the coming months, as the Tres software has the functionality required of your agency, and the integrations you use are mutually in place, you will be able to convert from Trams to Tres.

Existing data in Trams systems will be converted to Tres as part of the conversion process and hence all historical data still readily available.
The process for adding or subtracting user licenses will still be handled by the Trams sales team. As we update our procedures will keep you apprised via and email.
Yes, you will still receive your access code as your subscription is due for renewal.

Yes. And not only with these integrations be available to Tres users, but being Web-Based the integrations will be done better and at no cost to the entity we are integrating with.