It Can Be About the Traveler

It is about the Traveler

Trams Back Office (TBO) and ClientBase (CB) were conceived before social media became popular. CB/TBO started before cell phones were available and even before email became prevalent! Back in those days a phone was a “house phone” and rang to a residence. The only “mail” went to a mailbox in front of a home. A profile was used for the whole family or business, and the world and travel, followed that path.

Things have evolved. Nobody creates a profile in Facebook of “the Smith Family” as a singular entry. Sure, we list our family members, but the person or traveler has become centric in our world today. No two Facebook feeds are the same.  


Traveler Centric:

Tres technologies supports users accordingly. One of the main sections of the system is titled “Travelers”, where details of a traveler are housed. (Part of those details are profiles the traveler is associated with. One traveler may be associated with both a family profile for leisure travel and a business profile for work related travel.) Marketing tables are per traveler- each getting individual promotions based upon their individual desires. Activities are per traveler.

For those desiring, Tres does fully support the profile approach. Tres users can easily move from a traveler to the associated profiles. Tres users can even query based upon profiles and then view travelers associated with those profiles. Activities can be at either the traveler level, profile level, or both.