API And Data Handoff

API and Data Access

At Tres we follow a simple philosophy when it comes to who owns your data:

You, and nobody else, owns your data and you have complete control over who has access to what data.

Many of our clients want to allow access to their data for certain entities such as their consortium, special reporting packages, or other applications. To enable this data access, Tres has designed an API which is the way for entities to access your Tres data. While many companies charge of API access and usage – Trams charges as much as $12,000 a year for API access – Tres does not charge anything for API access and usage.

Tres provides API access to anyone our customers want to work with and will do so free of charge to our customer and the entity using the API.

The only reason a customer would use an add-on or related service using data the agency stores in Tres is for added value or service. And we at Tres want to help our customer get even more value from their usage of Tres and data housed within Tres.

Tres users have complete control over who has what access to what data. Within the Tres system, users can enable specific entities API access to specific data – and only those with permission can get that access.

The Tres API is used with many applications including consortia, marketing companies, reporting packages and more. API details are readily available free of charge for those wanting to implement API usage.