Data Conversion

Data Conversion from Trams Products

Many agencies employing Tres Technologies are converting from Trams Back Office and/or ClientBase. While those Trams products may be dated, often users have utilized them for years and have a lot of valuable data stored within their versions of the Trams programs.

Good news: Historical data from Trams Back Office and/or ClientBase will be automatically moved or imported from the old system into Tres data files.

In concept, the data migration process is like to how TRAMS handled the migration from Trams DOS (original version, aka version 1) to Trams Windows (aka version 2) in the early 90’s.  All data from TRAMS DOS was moved to TRAMS Windows.

The conversion routine is simple to initiate and run. The length of time to move the data depends upon the volume of data being moved and the upload speed of the internet connection. Once the process is initiated, no user intervention is required.

The recommendation, and option, is for users to do a “learning” based conversion first before a final conversion. Although Tres technologies are very easy to use for people converting from Trams technologies, it is nice to have a trial before actual live conversion. Users are welcome to convert their data and “test” the Tres system complete with their data in it. Then, when ready to go live, another data conversion is done moving live, updated data to Tres Technologies.

Tres CRM and Back Office technologies are not “re-creations” of Trams technologies. Rather they are a creation of completely new technologies taking into consideration the advantage of changes in technology, as well as changes in travel distribution and society. Remember, Trams and ClientBase were developed in 90’s long before social media, cell phone saturation, and even e-mail proliferation. As such, not all data elements are an exact match. For example, in ClientBase users may have profile data with no traveler details, making it impossible to know whose email or cell phone they are associated to. The Tres conversion guide details where data from Trams Back Office and ClientBase will be located.