Design Point

Design Point - Do not make users input that which can be calculated.

In the ClientBase/ Res Card there is field called “Reservation Cycle”. This is a user-defined field that has a pulldown of options which most likely includes “Lead”, “Paid in Full”, “Returned from Trip” and “Under Deposit”. In theory the field made sense and added value as users could designate the Reservation Cycle and run reports accordingly. “Let me see a list of Res Cards (knows as TRIPS in Tres) that are under deposit or see what Res Cards were started as leads and remain that way.

Fields like these get very little usage, and even less value in reporting.

Travel Advisors are busy. Most, if not all users, enter what is required and keep going. With the “Reservation Cycle” field in ClientBase despite good intentions, users do not keep the field updated and hence reports based on the field have no value.

The issue is not the advisor updating the field, but rather the design of the application. When money comes in for a deposit, the information needs to be entered into the Back­Office system. Why not be able to run reports based upon which Trips have those payments and do so by date range, if desired. Same holds true for final payments. 

Listening to customers help in these cases, and lots of it is experience too. At Tres we believe in using data that can be calculated rather than manually entered. The result: happier users with better data providing more benefits.