Security And Data Access


The security of your data is a top priority at Tres Technologies. Statically speaking, your data is far safer on our servers than yours.

First understand where your data is stored. Your data is not on a server in our office, like former Trams users was. Your data is on a MS Azure server (s) protected by Microsoft security systems. These systems were specifically designed for security protection and offer far more data protection than a local computer could ever offer.

At Tres Technologies, we leave security to the experts. Tres does not have our own servers nor provide servers. Rather, we outsource this service to companies like Microsoft (and other companies) that spend millions of dollars on maintaining state-of-the-art security. By hosting banks, credit card companies, and other security sensitive data these companies have the experience and expertise to provide the security to protect the access to your data far greater than any locally run office or server bank could ever provide. res


While “security” refers to potential theft of data, the other question that comes up is: “Now that my data is in the cloud, who has access to it?”

To us it is a matter of understanding who owns the data. Simple, you own your data and no one else does. Your data is owned 100% by you. It is not owned by Tres nor any big company nor anybody else but the user. Part of your subscription fee is that you own your data that you enter. As such, only entities that you specifically enable have access to your data.

For consortium or special reporting programs or any other entity you desire access, there is a specific routine in Tres where you can set-up the system to allow them to view specific data that you have entered. This capability is controlled only by the user.

While we have access to server volume and usage, meaning we can see the amount of space your database is utilizing, and we manage the speed of retrieving your data, without your permission we do not have the right to view specific data you have entered. To us, our business depends upon that trust.