Working with other Applications

Working with Other Applications

AKA - The whole is greater than the sum of the parts

At Tres Technologies we believe we are a part of a whole. We know there are other parts of the whole that help to assist our users in different ways. We want to be a part of a solution that assists our users, not hinder them.

As such, we work hard to give our users the option to integrate with various applications and services to benefit their agency.

One example, the formerly named function “Live Connect”, now properly named “Direct Connect”. Instead of charging reservation a fee as Sabre/Trams does, Tres works with reservations systems providing an integration with Tres free of charge to the reservation system as well as the agency.

“The whole is greater than the sum of the parts”  ~Aristotle

Tres is working hard with many “connected” providers. Reservation systems, client reporting systems, commission tracking applications, GDS integration specialists and more. All options are available for our Tres customers to use at no cost for the Tres integration our Agency & Agent customers.

Tres Technologies will assist all companies (that will benefit Tres users) desiring to integrate at zero cost.

Example of the whole being the sum of the parts:

Each of these pieces has value. By creating integrations, benefits are increased for our users. And the value of our product and service is increased. We fully support, at  no additional cost to our customers or allies, these value-added data integration options. [Note: As travel agencies own their data, they have control over who has permission to access to the data. Simple routines within the Tres database can be invoked by users to enable who they choose to have access to data.]