years Of Experience

Years of Experience

Before I started Tres, I researched CRM and Travel Agency Management Systems currently available in the marketplace.

I saw some interesting offerings available, pretty dashboards and nice-looking itineraries. What most impressed me was the people behind the products: smart, well-spoken, technology sound. I hope when I started Trams back in 1988, I came across that capable. Several of these companies appear to on the right path, provided they have enough time and capital.

The concern is the agency community does not have the time to wait (for my competition) to get it right. It took Trams over 20 years to get the knowledge it has. The travel agency community cannot wait another 20 years to get the benefits technology needs to bring them now.

One of the big challenges these other systems face is how to get data into their system, without manual entry. Agents manually entering reservation information into a Travel Agency CRM/Management system is not a long-term solution. The long-term solution is an automated capture of reservation data which is used for: CRM, accounting, operational reporting, commission tracking, agent tracking and commission payments, etc.

I spoke to the owner of one systems who had just started  developing a Sabre interface and hoping to have version 1.0 released in “a few months.” From a team that has combined well over 150 years of experience working with Sabre (including scores of years as employees of Sabre) understanding the Sabre interface takes more than “just a few months.” It takes years and tens of thousands of transactions including scripts to really understand and master a GDS interface. And that’s just Sabre, there are still three others.

When we first designed and rolled out Live Connect (renamed “Direct Connect” in Tres) it took approximately 3 years, countless hours, and an investment of $500,000+ to develop the concept. The good news we do not need to re-invent the wheel. We know how to electronically get reservation data from web-based reservation systems. With the experience and  accumulated knowledge our development estimate for Direct Connect is approximately 2 days.

Our extensive knowledge has brought us the experience of how to work with allies to help agents get even more benefits from data. We have worked with every consortium (Signature, Virtuoso, Travel Leaders, etc.) to provide centralized data for marketing and reporting purposes. We have experience passing data to every client itinerary application, and every reporting and analysis company. We have experience with automating all six-commission tracking and reporting companies, e.g.: Onyx and HCC. And the list goes on.

One last benefit of many years of experience (we have): All users converting from Trams products will have their historical data automatically converted into Tres Technologies. Travel history will be available at the touch of a button in your new system. While some CRM system tout that they can convert client profiles, only Tres with our experience can offer the ability of converting travel history from Trams products into your new system.