Trams and ClientBase


Trams products and services enable agencies to streamline accounting processes, build a powerful marketing database, and send targeted marketing pieces with measurable results.

Trams Back Office

The travel and transportation industry is evolving quickly, and you need agility in adapting to your changing customer needs. In addition to providing the right services for your customers, you also need to provide the right services for you and your business.

With Trams Back Office you’ll have the capability to easily monitor, manage and grow your business. Trams provides right-size, right-price information technology (IT) solutions and is one of the most popular back office accounting and reporting system on the market today. It’s easy to learn and use, helping you control costs with extreme efficiency.

In addition, Trams Back Office seamlessly works with ClientBase to deliver a complete solution incorporating GDS integration, CRM, General Ledger, and more.


Offer personalized service every time you talk with a customer by managing your data centrally with the leading Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool for agencies.
ClientBase Windows is the dedicated CRM tool designed specifically for travel agencies to provide complete profile, contact and trip management abilities. ClientBase Windows provides the information and efficiencies for agents to develop and maintain client relationships, as well as increase productivity and perform all agent and agency processes.

ClientBase Online

ClientBase Online is a web version of ClientBase that provides access to your client data from any Internet connected computer.  Supported browsers are Internet Explorer (Windows 10), Microsoft Edge with Internet Explorer mode (Windows 11) and the Chrome browser for all versions of Windows. If using Chrome, the Live Connect, Merge to PNR and PNR Import features are unavailable at this time.

If you already use ClientBase Windows, but need access for those away from the office, ClientBase Online can be an added as your remote access solution.

If you are not using ClientBase Windows (or Trams Back Office), ClientBase Online is also offered independently.

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ClientBase Marketing Services

ClientBase Marketing Services (CBMS) offers fully integrated and targeted marketing programs that are important tools for your success. Let CBMS help you reach out to your clients in creative and personalized ways that motivate them to book their travel with you! How? CBMS finds the right customers in your database and automates the sending of relevant marketing on your behalf, earning you greater sales opportunities. When using your database to get the right promotions to the right client, your agency will have the leading edge in the travel industry today!

To participate in ClientBase Marketing Services
you must be subscribed to ClientBase Windows or ClientBase Online.